How to set up and view a webcam through another computer?

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CS asked:

I attached a webcam to the computer in the living room to keep an eye on my kids. I want to be able to watch it through the computer in my office/den. Both computers are attached to a router, and I can retrieve/view folders (shared)on both computers, but not sure how to access the webcam program on the other computer. Any advice?

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2 Responses to “How to set up and view a webcam through another computer?”
  1. Philip T Says:

    There are various ways to do it, however, they all involve using specific software.
    Here are some helpful links :

    I use this (works great):

    Alernative with FAQ:

    Of course … you could just get a long USB cable & connect the camera directly to your PC.

    Philip T

  2. Alan Ias Says:

    Try setting up Yahoo messenger on both computers, each with its own unique ID. Then enable the webcam feature on IM and bingo, you can see into your living room!

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